Smart-card - is a type of plastic cards allowing necessary information reading even in the absence of the Internet connection. All required data in digital form are stored on the special built-in chip with contact or off-contact reading system.

Smart card
Standard smart-cards seemingly looks like an ordinary credit card, however, it received its name "smart" for a good reason: It really and truly distinguishes by more intelligent interface.

At present, it is possible to buy several types of smart-card worldwide, which differ internally by:

  • reading method;

  • microchip type.

Reading method

Two principal options: contact and off-contact.

Contact methods provides for availability of contact interface of any type. It can be ISO 7816 standard requiring existence of card reader or USB-interface, which when applying the same ISO 7816 standard is placed into the enclosure with USB-port for more comfortable service.

Off-contact does not require any direct touch of the reader acting by RFID technology, thus, it is regarded that work potential of these cards is somewhat greater in view of zero ware.

Microchip type

It determines functional opportunities of a smart-card. One may buy a memory card applicable only for information storage; one may use card with microprocessor equipped with own OS or purchase cryptic card with more complicated encrypting system to perform tasks on protection (development of cryptography keys, computer-generated signatures, etc.


Production of a smart-card is directly connected with functioning of mobile telecommunication (SIM-cards), banking system (some types of banking cards), public transport (urban-transport pass), guard service (pass permit tickets, etc.)

You can place an order on the site to manufacture plastic smart-cards of different levels of complexity. These cards can be contact and off-contact ones, for using in the terms of the office guard desk or health insurance systems. Manufacture of smart-cards is conducted on the basis of current technologies by applying reliable materials and the best European equipment.

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