Plastic cards

Plastic Discount Cards serve as an efficient method in customers’ acquisition. Due to its appearance, service life and high quality, these products have gained popularity in the services and sales sector.

Manufacturing technique of plastic discount cards are still being developed and improved. Different technologies enable to apply the most incredible images on the plastic, photo included. It is very convenient to print certificates, badges, and admittance authorizations following such a method. An important benefit of plastic documents in that they possess the highest level of protection against forgery (hologram, UV luminosity, microfont, etc.).

Plastic Cards: manufacture at perfect price in Kyiv in the Infinity Company!

Here you may order discount cards for your business. PVC plastic is a base material for discount cards printing. Advantage of plastic: service life, tenacity, wear resistant, distinguished appearance. Printing on it is performed only by specialized paints ensuring the ready product to have high aesthetic qualities and durability.

Loyalty, professionalism, understanding of customers preferences, flexibility in work - all this assisted us to get the attention of a number of customers in Ukraine as well beyond its borders.

Specialists of Infinity Company will advise you on the subjects of your concern related to plastic cards manufacture as well as suggest the best production version right up your alley(прокомментируйте пожалуйста). The pleasant is that delivery to all regions of Ukraine is free, while plastic cards print run is performed in the timeliest manner possible.

Our central office is located in the city of Kyiv, which you may address on cooperation issues. Also, for your convenience, we use all possible ways of communication via the Internet allowing our customers to save their time!

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