Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards or discount cards – represent plastic cards for the realization of the firms' marketing campaigns with the extension in the number of regular customers and involvement of new ones. 

Where can the loyalty cards be applied?

It is a mandatory attribute of any loyalty program. Discounts at repeated purchase of some goods or service, including discounts by stocking system, recurring gifts and/or bonuses allowing to "tie" a person to that or another commercial object by means of attractive offers.

Apart from clientele enlargement, the loyalty cards may perform statistic functions. They not only collect background information about each customer while completing the form for card receipt as well as enable to keep permanent control for its further activity, preferences. Based on obtained data, it is possible to form more expanded personalized advertising companies.

Loyalty cards
Production of loyalty cards is relevant in case of sales promotion performance, thus, appearance of such a "discount" shall be stylish enough (for creating favourable image) and informative enough (to stimulate a customer time after time to back for purchasing goods and services using this card).

Depending on the company level and provided services, loyalty cards can be:

- generally-used - i.e. without indication of personal information of a certain buyer (the card is available for any acquaintance or relative of the owner);

- personal - with personal data of customer and correspondingly exclusive right to use this card.

Plastic cards of various complexity levels are available for order. It is possible to create individual layout by our efforts as well as to print product by the customer's drafts. 

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