Mini Cards

Infinity Company brings to your attention a new modern and highly effective product for customers’ acquisition - 3-tag cards and 2-tag cards. Mini card is also called "non-standard card" due to its dime-size. These mini-cards have been used for a long time in the European countries. It is also a relatively new trend in Ukraine, which, however, it has got widespread over the recent years.

Mini Cards are unusual and very popular offer for the customers. 3-tag and 2-tag trinket is also called "non-standard card" due to its small size (28.5 х 54 mm).

This customary plastic card is divided into 3 parts. Its convenience for the customer is in division into mini-cards for him/her to distribute among two more close persons. Bonuses for discounts are activated on all cards accumulating in a unified common block. It is profitable for the customers and companies as well. The buyers make use discount quicker, and company will gain several customers instead of one.


It is very simple to make mini-cards of the trinket. Punctual gap is provided on it. Upon card division in a place with special cuts, 3 family members will get nice 3-tag mini-card trinket and attach it to the car and flat keys. 2-tag mini-card trinket functions on the same pattern, which is designed for two users.

Personalization is performed by means of bar-codes or other data. Ordering mini-card trinket by own drafts, the Company may use efficient advertising tool and sufficiently expand primary audience increasing own profit.

Mini Cards

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