3 TAG and 2 TAG cards

3-Tag Cards and 2-Tag Cards

Infinity Company brings to your attention a new modern and highly effective product for customers acquisition - 3-tag cards and 2-tag cards. Mini card is also called "non-standard card" due to its dime-size. These mini-cards have been used for a long time in the European countries. It is also a relatively new trend in Ukraine, which, however, has become common over the recent years.

These plastic cards owing to its non-standard sizes are very convenient to use as advertising card-trinkets. Unit of three cards divides into three separate parts - these cards are to be distributed among family members and close friends. Such a card, as a rule, has the same number and may take part in the discount program of one or another shop, saving up bonuses for a discount. In its turn, a trading network that has provided such a set, increases considerably the number of regular customers, thus boosts its profit.

Also, a bar-code or any other transient data may be marked on the card-trinkets (3-tag cards). Upon that there is a possibility to produce these cards in the form of trinkets separately and in addition to main customer's card as well. The main customer's card and additional 3-tag card usually contain the same bar code and print number.

As for manufacturing process, one standard card 54x86 mm is applied for producing three mini-cards. Here you may offer standard 3-tag cards as well as custom-made by your draft.

3-tag cards (card-trinkets) - are innovative and efficient. They draw attention and make your services and goods just even more desirable.

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