Contactless cards

One of the most interesting developments that have appeared recently is a contactless card. Contactless cards are increasingly used in life as a means of access control, protection against robberies, automation of logistics, etc.

The internal device of contactless cards contains a microscopic processor that does not have contacts on the surface. This special feature gives the card a significant advantage - the contactless card is quite resistant to surface contamination. It does not need to be carried out through the reader, but can simply be brought to it. The appearance of this card resembles the usual plastic cards.

Бесконтактные карты

To obtain information from a contactless card, a special reader is used. It works on the principle of radio communication - there is no need to pull out the card during the calculation and lean it against the device.

This feature gives the card high security and reliability. Holders of this type of high-tech cards can not be afraid for their data stored inside this small device - a contactless card encrypts all data and operations for their transfer. Pollution and humidity are not at all frightening to her. This device has an unlimited period of use, and especially "advanced" models are equipped with indicators that respond to light. In addition, the physical barriers between the reader and the card do not affect the quality of information transfer.

The identifier of the future is a contactless card!

The most widely used are contactless memory cards of the EM-MARINE and MIFARE standard.

The EM-MARINE contactless card differs from the MIFARE card in that it operates in the frequency range of 100-150 KHz, is read-only and has a range of up to 70 cm.

MIFARE contactless cards are also characterized by an unsurpassed speed of information exchange between the card module and the reader - less than 10 ms. The unique microcircuit has a large protected memory, and the built-in antenna can transmit information up to 10 cm away. Such qualities of MIFARE smart cards allow you to quickly, reliably and promptly make the payment or transfer the necessary funds.

It should also be noted that MIFARE cards have a high level of protection against hacking and fakes. The card is made in a single copy, recorded in a secret protocol, and access to information has a number of encrypted codes. The memory chip also has several access levels that can be opened using special keys. The keys themselves are stored in the security module of the microcircuit, only the issuer knows them, which provides additional protection against penetration at all stages (from the manufacturer to banking systems).

Lastly, MIFARE Standard proximity cards have a high level of functionality and a memory capacity of 1 KB.

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