Scratch card

Scratch-card - is a single application card. It features with a special "scratching" layer being easily moved away the surface disclosing hidden unique information under it. This can be a digital code, letter-numeric password, individual symbol, image. Once, this strip deleted, being made with the use of special polymeric compound, no longer is restored, and the card is subject to utilization.

Scratch card

Various types of cards, having scratch layer spread on it, are available for purchase in the stalls and shops.

Where are scratch-cards used?

In everyday routine, these cards are used for cash-in of mobile phones/accounts of a provider for a certain fixed amount, in lottery business as well as for creation of promotion and gift cards for the shops and organizations in the servicing sector. This reasonably priced means of pre-payment in manufacturing process, which is accessible for activations in any convenient time for the users.

As it is used only once, scratch-card production shall not be costly. As a rule, pasteboard with density of 250-350 g/m2 is used in the capacity of the materials (less often simple, often - laminated) or thin plastic. Depending on this, various application techniques are agreed when developing applicable article design. Scratch-layer is firm enough to remain undamaged before the moment of direct use of the card, but at the same time it is quickly and easily taken off by means of ordinary coin.

Using contact information of the site, one may order customized scratch-card printing in small and large circulation. Considering variety of articles data application fields, all external parameters of the layout are discussed on individual basis. Not only painted design as well as size data of length and width may be completely different.

Special attention is drawn to the quality of the protection layer in each case, which minimizes possibility of its accidental damage. We accept orders of work with different volume with delivery of scratch-card throughout the CIS countries (in Kyiv and Ukraine on the whole, delivery is performed free of charge).

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