Club cards

Club card - is an integral part of club attributes. They not only open an access to premium group of regular customers to its owners as well as provide a mass of further advantages, discounts, bonuses, presents.

Club cards

Production of club cards is usually ordered by establishments with a certain status level - fitness-clubs, beauty salons, restaurants, pubs, clubs - therefore, the club card simply and solely shall have a worthy look. Design style, correspondence to brand and establishment level - is a necessary condition for qualitative print of club cards series.

What does a club card offer us?

First of all, the production of such cards is intended for: promote establishment's servicing level of its customers; however, if properly connected to the internal system it will be able to perform quite a few useful functions for the company itself. For example:

  • attract more loyal customers;

  • keeping internal statistics on the number of the users and degree of their activity display;

  • observing the dynamic pattern in popularity of those or other services/products;

  • regular update of data folder about each customer, its preferences, activity chart, needs.

Data base obtained due to the club cards allows any time to stay relevant as to customers' preferences, forming and launching interesting promotional offers and sales promotion.

Here, at our website, you may place an order at any moment to print club cards with free delivery within the entire territory of Ukraine. Applying individual approach in practise to each order and providing favourable terms of cooperation for all regular customers, we assist in creating unique club cards in keeping with the best traditions of quality, premium design and current technologies.

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