Magnetic plastic card

Manufacture of cards with magnetic stripes - is an optimal solution between the price and quality. Magnetic plastic card possesses a high level of protection and allows to identify its owner to a high precision. In this context, its production, regardless of need in special equipment, does not provide for any significant expenditures, thus, the card can be massively involved in a wide variety of modern life spheres.

Where are cards with magnetic stripe used?

The cards with magnetic stripe are perfectly adapted to multiple using, and over the years they have found their application in the bank sphere as well as the discount, gift cards within banking system, in commerce and security business.

Magnetic plastic card
Information recording on the magnetic stripe is performed in the form of a special code being read by means of a reader device. At that, the colour of the stripe itself determines the quality and approximate service life. Thus, magnetic stripes on the cards can be:

  • low coercitive (stripe of brown colour);

  • medium coercitive;

  • high coercitive (stripe of black colour). 

The last variant provides not only higher quality of information recording, but also high wear threshold while service. The cards with black magnetic stripe are used in the majority of access cards supposing multiply daily use.

Here, at the site you may contact our manager and discuss the order of required volume of plastic cards with magnetic stripe of different wear-resistant properties. Reliable modern equipment and qualified personnel as well as operational efficiency are the mandatory attributes of our service. We produce test samples, provide free delivery of cards throughout the entire territory of Ukraine, and guarantee high quality and long service life of each unit of our product.

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