Insurance card

Insurance card shows the fact of “being the chosen one”. Comfort, multi-functionality and full protection of confidential information – these features differ this plastic card from ordinary paper-based certificate of insurance. Availability of bar-code and in-built chip allow to store simultaneously all required information on it as to the case of a specific customer, including individual peculiarities of his/her servicing. And that is instead of the whole sheaf of papers, which is easy to lose, damage and (to be honest) to falsify as well. Besides, connected to the unified accounting system, the card instantaneously registers all actions of its owner, time and place of their performance, change of final status.

Insurance card
The main convenience is that insurance card, apart from being a common insurance certificate, provides us with an opportunity to perform tasks of the discount card opening the customers access to discounts, bonuses, sales promotion, notably making it in highly individualized order.

Where shall plastic insurance cards be used?

Broadly speaking - through the entire insurance sphere. And the most topical area for insurance cards production are the following:

  • vehicle insurance;

  • medical insurance;

  • real estate’s industries.

Compact size, flexible and firm plastic, qualitative production material, application of modern storage techniques, possibility to read and systematize data provide maximum safety and minimum difficulties in handling this form of certificate of insurance.

You can always arrange an individual order at the site to print insurance cards. We can realize your own layout or will create a new one (in full correspondence with your needs) upon that providing operating speed keeping high quality and modern technological nuances, which guarantee sustainability of each article.

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