Cardboard cards

Pasteboard (paper) cards - are pasteboard cards, application field of which is rather wide and grows constantly, penetrating to all our new life spheres: the Internet and mobile communication, lottery cards (tickets) as well as advertising cards and other.

Pasteboard cards: distinct appearance and accessibility.

Nowadays, various plastic cards are spread widely. However, pasteboard cards are rather often used in the function of their analogues. They are used as lottery cards, scratch-cards, temporary cards, etc. Production of disposable cards of pasteboard provides a possibility to save on material.  Thus, this product order will cost cheaper than the items made of regular plastic.

We offer you paper (pasteboard) cards of top-quality. Even being made of pasteboard, they look worthily and attractively. By using these cards you may provide your customers with qualitative services in your scope of activities.

The managers of Infinity Company will consult on all issues associated with production and sale of paper (pasteboard) cards. Card manufacture is performed within the shortest timeframes. Delivery to the regions of Ukraine is free.

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